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As fractured as things may seem in our country knowing is half the battle. Believe it or not there is more you can do than you think. The power remains with the people. United we stand, divided we fall is not just a cliche it’s a fact. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated for far to long. Community activism is more important now than ever before, if you ask me.

Patriotism is far from dead in fact it is growing stronger. Be confident in your beliefs and values. You’re not wrong and others are with you. So if you’re still confused with what is happening around you. Trust others with similar beliefs we are here to help. You’re in the right place, “When the world seems trashed pick you favorite dump and stand by it”

US Population in 2020.


Estimated Amount Awake

Million square miles

You Can Get involved!


Sadly, individuals will “awaken” on their own terms and on their time line. It can’t always be forced.


Find others who may need the help. lend a hand in someone’s life near you.


Honestly I don’t want it to seem like it’s always about money. However to be frank some just really need it.


Guiding others can make all the difference. Even if it’s just pointing them in the right direction.


Mr. Martin Geddes

Other than the obvious color theme, I believe that this man Martin Geddes deserves this top spot on my home page. I find this man and his expertise is more easily relatable to me. However I still strongly recommend at least reading his book Open Your Mind To Change it has some very great Material that may help some get a grasp on things.


Operation Tab

My Mission

To make the world a better place for all fellow human beings.

Helping others find their outlet

I will be using this website to display things like videos and articles. However the information is out there so much of the site will be links to others content. 

Promoting those to get informed

There are so many forms of information that may pertain to some people more than others. That is why you’re here! Find the content that applies to you and enjoy.

I’m an expert in no field at all

I can and will help lead you in the direction assisting you to locate the info and content that you are most interested in. I am open to suggestions, even criticism, be patient.


To make the world a better place for all fellow human beings.

Operation Tab


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